Published by Thomas Jennings on March 10, 2014

Bitcoin’s Astronomical Growth Appealing to Online Gambling Company Vera&John

VeraJohnLogoVera John has become the first major online casino to regulate and allow for Bitcoin. Players can now gamble with their allotted Bitcoin alongside players using euros. Previously, players with Bitcoins needed to go to anonymous Bitcoin casinos in order to use their coins. It is a blod decision that will potentially reshape the perception of Bitcoin for many players a little skeptical. The 10,000% rise in Bitcoin’s value in just 12 months has all the indications of a get rich quick scheme. Bitcoin experience incredible growth from 2009 to 2013, a number of about 10,000%. But Bitcoin has leveled off in 2014, and online regulators are seeing its stability as a good sign.

Bitcoin is not the first digital currency, but it is certainly the most popular. The famous currency has the potential to reinvent how people perceive money. Its ease of transfer is astounding. Specifically, Bitcoin can be transferred to any user, no matter the international boundaries, in a single second. This is without bank transfer fees or adjusting the value of the currency.

Between Bitcoin’s inflation-proof status and its ease of transfer, Vera John has made a wise decision in looking towards its future. Vera John also has a sizable mobile casino, which could be a groundbreaking addition to their brand. Bitcoin has an unknown future, but with this innovative decision Vera John is pressing forward with confidence. 12.28 million Bitcoin are currently in the market, and many owners have so few places to put them to good use. They are not confirmed retirement savings- yet. In the meantime, gambling with them and leaning into Bitcoin’s uncertainly could be the best possible decision.

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